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International conference “Search for tolerance and compromise in a multicultural society”

The head of NGO “Mūsų Europa” (“Our Europe”) Tomas Baranovas took part in an international conference “Search for tolerance and compromise in a multicultural society”, which was held on 28 March in Biržai. Together with the President of the Association of social workers of Lithuania, Mrs. Diana Stankaitienė, he facilitated the first part of the conference.

10012651_743051139061145_9549509_oThe history of tolerance in Europe, its winding pathways were presented by the Member of the European Parliament, culture historian, renowned scholar professor Leonidas Donskis. ”We should not forget that tolerance and intolerance always march side by side,” the professor reminded the audience. The picturesque historical portrait of tolerance, enlivened by abundant references to the art world, emboldened the audience to further patiently tread on the difficult path marked by humanist values.

Scientists and practitioners of social work discussed in detail the challenges faced in social work, including in social integration of various vulnerable groups, in Lithuania, as well as in Latvia and in Wales. The conference was dedicated to the World social work day. It was organised by the Association of social workers of Lithuania, the Klaipėda state college, the Klaipėda city social support centre, the Social innovation studio and CIF-Lithuania.

New NGO to promote European values in Lithuania

NGO “Mūsų Europa” (“Our Europe”) was established with the aim of promoting European values – in particular, respect, tolerance, trust – in Lithuania.

“Lithuania has been part of the European Union for almost a decade. Economic and monetary integration is almost completed. But some of the key European values – for example, respect for individual and his or her rights – are not yet at the centre of the Lithuanian society. We believe that acceptance of European values is key to social peace, sustainable development as well as complete and irreversible integration of Lithuania into the EU”, says founder and Director of the new NGO Tomas Baranovas.

“Mūsų Europa” will be involved in promotion of European values through organising discussions, seminars, conferences, trainings and other activities, in partnership with like-minded organisations and individuals.