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NGO “Mūsų Europa“ („Our Europe“) is a new organization established with the aim of promoting European values of respect, tolerance and trust in Lithuania.


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The organization is headed by Tomas Baranovas, former Director of EU Policy department at the Chancellery of the Lithuanian Government and Adviser to Minister of Justice of Lithuania, Deputy Head of EU Rule of Law mission to Georgia and Political Adviser to EU Special Representative for Moldova.———.————- ———————————- ———————— ——————————————————– — —————- —— ——– ———– -

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Policy adviser of organization – Ieva Sinkevičiūtė – has gained professional experience while working in Permanent Representation of Lithuania to the EU in Brussels – during the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union; managing the state enterprise “Tauras Global Study”; having internships at the European Parliament, Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania.